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Empower Your Finances with OK Wallet – Your Ultimate Digital Financial Solution

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  1. Revolutionizing the Way You Pay: Discover the Power of OK Wallet

Revolutionizing the Way You Pay: Discover the Power of OK Wallet

MCWBangla has come up with a new topic regarding online payments and mobile banking services. As we are living in the modern world and in today’s era, everything is becoming very social and rich in networking, so one has the most digital banking and payment service, which is done by OK Wallet. MCWBangla reviewed and researched every aspect of OK Wallet and came up with some amazing findings.


The OK Wallet could be a bank in your stash. Not only does it permit you to come in to register, withdraw cash, and exchange cash rapidly and effectively, but it also gives you extraordinary control when buying or paying your month-to-month bills. ONE Bank cultivates a sense of outreach to individuals of all sorts and progresses together to flourish in a spirit of solidarity. In this manner, OK Wallet promises to protect that dream.

Let us have a look at the Wallet through the eyes of MCWBangla, the account you’re considering for your intrigue. To keep it very simple, we have planned a framework where you’ll be able to log in and withdraw your cash from any of their agency points and their 95 branches. You may moreover be able to reload your phone on the go. You’ve got your bank and ATM related with Alright Wallet, and on the off chance that you simply don’t have an account, do not stress; you’ll still utilize various of their offers on Alright Wallet.  


To use OK Wallet and avail of other facilities, MCWBangla found that you need to register on their platform and create an account. You have to claim your authenticity via your photo and NID card number.

You have to confirm your account registrations via the code being sent as an SMS. 

On the other hand, you can visit the One Bank Department, which has both the original and a photocopy of your Photo ID (NID / Driver’s Permit, / Visa) and one photocopy of the international ID card photo.

OK Wallet-ONE Bank Limit ed’s Portable Money related Administrations may be a basic, easy-to-use, and profoundly secure money-related framework for a moment’s cash exchanges, portable phone charging time, credit charging, installment at your favorite store, filtering QR codes or utilizing the proper vendor installment portal when paying at online stores, pressing to know your account adjustment, and more.


It’s simple and easy to sign in to OK Wallet. MCWBangla gets it in such a way that you just have to download the OK Wallet App from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and enroll there online along with your NID and other data. Or pay a visit to the closest One Bank department or OK Wallet retailer point with a photo ID (NID / International ID) and a duplicate of the printed photo lab.


Appreciate the flexibility and diverse menu of facilities at OK Wallet, which allows you to add e-money to your OK Wallet account from the ONE Bank and Brac Bank accounts and any VISA / Master Card issued by the bank.


Don’t need to go to the staff and other members, select the recipient you need from your contact list or proposals to induce speedy and error-free money-related work. A basic and simple way to energize your portable device to adjust or pay extra time installments on any of your cell phone systems is:

  • Robi
  • Air-tel
  • Bangla-link
  • Grameenphone
  • Teletalk
  • Pay Your Obligations

Pay your monthly bills such as electricity, water, gas, NID repairs, installments by card like the Lanka-Bangla credit card, and other services right at home.


A great wallet, namely the OK Wallet application, guarantees security with OTP confirmation (One-Password), which makes the App more secure. In addition, an individual password (PIN) is required to perform any sort of transaction, such as exchange, charge installment, cash outflow, etc.

QR Filtering Exchanges to induce a speedy and minimal experience

Filter the QR Code for speedy and free monetary exchanges. Subsequently, Check the QR code at the point of sale and pay the specialist for a simple installment.


You can go to the closest One Bank ATM and withdraw cash from your OK Wallet account for a pleasant benefit charge. It works 24/7 to serve the clients.


To finalize the talk regarding OK Wallet, MCWBangla put its utmost efforts into clearing your views, queries, and concepts regarding online banking and payment services and how to use all these. OK Wallet is an amazing platform to not only pay bills of all kinds but can also be used to re-load mobile accounts, and one of the most amazing things is that it is accessible through mobile applications.

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