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  1. Famous One Day International Rivalries: Matches That Defined Cricketing History

Famous One Day International Rivalries: Matches That Defined Cricketing History

A One Day Universal (ODI) could be a shape of constrained overs cricket, played between two groups where each group faces a settled number of 50 overs. MCW Bangla, from this platform, tried to reach out to the excitement of a one day international among cricket fans. One Day International Worldwide matches are called Constrained Overs Internationals (LOI). One Day International League also occurs in the name of the Asia Cup and World Cup.

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Cricket may be a don, but a modest bunch of nations play it. If one compares it with worldwide wear like football, cricket is narrower and appreciates its exhibit in certain parts of the world. We see numerous extraordinary contentions between distinctive national groups in world football.

In any case, it is cruel that cricket does not have its share of extraordinary rivalries. The zeal for amusement has given birth to many furious competitions over the decades, and we’ll talk about five of them in this article. Let’s get on with the list of one day international rivalries by MCW Bangla:

1. Australia & Britain:

It is the most seasoned contention. Australia and Britain began playing Tests with each other within the last mentioned portion of the nineteenth century, and those two have had a few sparkling experiences over the years. 

Britain has a very conservative approach to the amusement. On the other hand, Australia has continuously introduced cutting-edge technology and advancements to the wear with progressive changes like colored clothing, white balls, and day-and-night cricket.

Australia and Britain, too, played an ODI World Glass last in 1987, with Australia winning the coordinate at Eden Gardens. 

2. India vs Pakistan:

The contention between India and Pakistan rises above the scope of sports and amplifies socio-political boundaries. MCW Bangla portrays the strained relations between the two nations, making any wearing clash between the two a furiously challenged one, and both sets of supporters tend to look for triumph at any fetched within the coordinate.

India and Pakistan do not participate in a respective arrangement and confront each other in significant competitions of white-ball cricket.

India has ruled Pakistan in the World Cup and has always found a coordinate against them within the ODI World Cup. Still, in the past few years, Pakistan’s team was solid either in One Day International or the other two formats. In an ongoing One Day International, Pak vs. India will play against each other on 2 September 2023. 

3. Australia vs India:

This contention has picked up conspicuousness in the last two decades, particularly after the popular Test arrangement between the two in 2001. 

In One Day International, India, and Australia, they always played a firing game, which fans love. 

Both Indian and Australian fans eagerly wait for the rivalry match to be played between the teams for a fantastic experience.

4. Australia vs New Zealand:

Australia appreciates the great competition against their trans-Tasman neighbors. It isn’t a biting one like India vs. Pakistan, but both nations hate losing to each other. Australia has regularly played the part of a massive brother to New Zealand – at the slightest, as distant as cricket is concerned- and has, by and large, delighted in more prominent success.

In any case, United Zealand’s cricket has progressed significantly over a long time, and they have overseen winning the inaugural ICC Test Championship, beating India in the final. Still, they misplaced to Australia within the 2015 ODI World Glass last. Australia and New Zealand’s playing conditions are exceptionally diverse despite being neighboring nations. Australia regularly has quick, bouncy pitches, whereas New Zealand has green pitches where the ball swings a lot. Moreover, New Zealand grounds are minor and frequently play to their team’s advantage.

South Africa and Australia:

 MCW Bangla sorted out that South Africa and Australia teams fight it out in almost every sport. And in every sport, the rivalry is fierce. At the time, Australia was everybody’s rival for some years because they were perfect in not only One Day International but all formats. 

The Proteas became the first team to beat Australia at home in about 16 years. It was a fantastic show of series and an incredible victory, and it only intensified the brilliant rivalry between the two teams. 


One Day International is always a classy play of cricket and one of the most admirable formats worldwide. MCW Bangla has tried to reach out to the corners of the One Day International format and the rivalries that made it so famous and exciting. Some teams in the cricket history of One Day International have become so thrilling that the match play is now being watched as something like or die, which is the natural beauty of cricket. The MCW Bangla platform is overwhelmed to share such an exciting topic with you. We hope you like it.

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